Okay here we go again WordPress or a blog engine based on .NET

My choice for a blog engine has been Graffiti CMS. Since I had taken a year off to remodel our house and build a new studio/office in my home I have not done much posting or updating of my site. Just a little on twitter. I started the other day by asking this question over on codeplex: Who is using Graffiti CMS?http://graffiticms.codeplex.com/discussions/261048  In which I got a great response from Jeremy Hodges () from Orcsweb. With Charles Boyung (@charlesboyung) commenting on the direction and support of Graffiti CMS this is starting as a good disscusion of where Graffiti CMS is headed. Till I get new server set up I am going to play around with Posterous and WordPress some. I have some thinking to do – should I move my blog over as Jeff Sandquist (@jeffsand) did http://www.jeffsandquist.com/is-this-thing-on/ Where I can still host the site on Windows as he did whcih is still a Microsoft solution or use Graffiti CMS or some other .NET solution.


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