Unboxed: Steiger Dynamics Gaming Home Theater PC

Continuing with the theme of reviewing Steiger Dynamics Gaming Home Theater PC from my first thoughts and ordering the HTPC “I just ordered a new HTPC from Steiger Dynamics”.

20130709_142326FedEx just delivered the HTPC, let’s look and see what personal touches Steiger Dynamic’s has included. When I first open the box there was another box inside. This box was well packed. Upon opening the second box, there is a binder right on top which includes your software and tells how your rig is setup. One of the items that impressed me was the handwritten manufactures log – which shows the build process and the benchmarks when they finished the build.

Chassis CompareAs I had mentioned in  “I just ordered a new HTPC from Steiger Dynamics” I just absolutely love the aluminum case with the Samsung display in it. This alone adds 800 USD to the cost of the system. Because of a tight budget, Martin Hehensteiger suggested the Silverstone Chassis Grandia GD07. This chassis is smaller and since I ordered a EVGA GeForce GTX 780 this limits the amount of hard drives that will fit into the system. After taking the PC out of the box and reading the well written user manual. I opened the Silverstone chassis to remove the foam and review the hardware ordered on the system. This Lockable front door and power button ensure security of system and drives.

20130710_182025Under the front door is a “Handcrafted  by” Martin Hehensteiger badge which truly makes this feel like a custom HTPC.  Also with the handwritten manufacturers log, I can tell that Steiger Dynamics engineers have a passion for building and testing HTPC’s with lot of attention to detail.

Below is more images from the unboxing of the Steiger Dynamics custom build.


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