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I just ordered a new HTPC from Steiger Dynamics

While researching for a new PC I read a tweet from Jason Evangelho about Steiger Dynamics. My first impressions about the Liquid Cooled Gaming Home Theater PC were “wow” this looks cool it has a vintage/retro look to it. I absolutely loved the silver aluminum case with the 7” Samsung display on the front. I immediately requested a quote with the following specs:

Nivida Geforce GTX 780
Asus Haswell motherboard
Asus Remote Go which should be included on the motherboard
Intell i7-4770K Haswel
Now here is the kicker I want this under 2,000 dollars US

I was really surprised when the co-founder Martin Hehensteiger emailed me back to discuss this build. His attention to detail, knowledge and getting the right build was great – truly impressive. Because of my budget constraint Martin told me I could reduce my cost by going with a different chassis. After he had discussed my requirements with one of their own engineers. Martin said that “ Haswell has zero performance and temperature advantages over Ivy Bridge. And it is more expensive. Haswell was mainly developed for Laptops with improved embedded graphics performance, but since you plan to use a dedicated graphics card anyway, this becomes irrelevant.” Martin then gave me a some choice’s between the Haswell and the Ivy Bridge.

The final build:
Ivy Bridge
Chassis: Silverstone Grandia GD07 Black
Motherboard: Asus P877 V
Processor: Intel i7-3770K 4-core, 3.5/3.9 GHz Turbo, 8 MB L3
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3-1866
Graphics Card: EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 SC w/ ACX Cooler 3GB
System Drive: 250 GB Samsung 840 SSD
Cooling: Silverstone NT06 Pro Aluminum Aircooler
Power Supply: Seasonic Platinum 860
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit

Granted I did not get the Silver case, the liquid cooling or the Intell Haswell i7 processor. I did however get a phenomenal PC at just a little over 2,000 USD.

One of the things about reviewing PC’s is journalist just tell about the product not the overall experience of ordering the product. This is why I am writing about Steiger Dynamics. Most PC company’s just send their product in to be reviewed. This hardware is usually on the high end and not what is listed on site. Doing a review about boutique PC builders is about custom from the purchase to the unboxing, doing the benchmarks after receiving the PC to how it is doing after having it for 6 months.


My Graffiti CMS site is not working – take a look at my post on!/

My Graffiti CMS site is not working. I will be rebuilding the site this weekend. For now just follow me on!/tunis or take a look at my post on!/

Okay here we go again WordPress or a blog engine based on .NET

My choice for a blog engine has been Graffiti CMS. Since I had taken a year off to remodel our house and build a new studio/office in my home I have not done much posting or updating of my site. Just a little on twitter. I started the other day by asking this question over on codeplex: Who is using Graffiti CMS?  In which I got a great response from Jeremy Hodges () from Orcsweb. With Charles Boyung (@charlesboyung) commenting on the direction and support of Graffiti CMS this is starting as a good disscusion of where Graffiti CMS is headed. Till I get new server set up I am going to play around with Posterous and WordPress some. I have some thinking to do – should I move my blog over as Jeff Sandquist (@jeffsand) did Where I can still host the site on Windows as he did whcih is still a Microsoft solution or use Graffiti CMS or some other .NET solution.